President’s overview

Year 2018 was both busy and successful for TAMK.

Building of the Tampere Universities community got off to a good start through for example introduction of the community’s new visual

image and logo and a comprehensive information system. Now the Tampere Universities community has a common website and uniform email accounts, which enable fluent use and development of joint services in the future.

The value of TAMK’s research, development and innovation project portfolio exceeded 16 million euros. Cooperation and joint projects with Tampere University have increased. We reached our

targets in global education. One example of the new ventures is the Degree Programme in International Business which will start in Egypt together with a local university. At this rate we will reach our target of the paid services volume exceeding 20 per cent of TAMK’s revenue in 2020.

In 2018 our revenue decreased by approximately a million euros due to state funding cuts but nevertheless we managed to increase our RDI and paid education and make a profit of about 1.1 million euros.


“At this rate we will reach our target of the paid services volume exceeding 20 per cent of TAMK’s revenue in 2020. ”


New records were reached in degree education: TAMK’s students completed more than 2,000 bachelor’s and master’s degrees during the year.

TAMK’s first fund-raising campaign got a positive response by almost hundred companies, communities and private persons participating in it. Together with the state’s match-funding, the

result enables significant development projects, such as new learning and RDI environments, together with our university community in Tampere.

I want to thank all our cooperation partners, students and staff for the excellent and successful year.

Markku Lahtinen
President, CEO


The student union’s year 2018

In 2018 the student union had its sights set on the future – in its work as well as in the building process of the higher education community.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ student union Tamko succeeded in keeping its number of members almost at the record level of the preceding year. Tamko thus kept its position as the largest student union in Finland.

In 2018 Tamko introduced its strategy for 2018-2021. Its primary objectives are a membership rate of over 95 %, good communications coverage and good financial standing. A member survey and operative communications plan were completed and financial focus areas were considered to implement the strategic objectives.

Building of the higher education community created a lot of work and a Tampere3 specialist was hired for the work. This lightened the board’s and chair’s workload and saved resources for national influencing. The Tampere3 project culminated towards the end of the year and the merger of the universities on 1 January 2019. Influencing for university of applied sciences students will continue actively after the merger as it is important to find our place in the new community.

The position of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and its student union is secure in the new higher education community. The new community opens huge possibilities and Tamko works for their utilisation. We look forward to having a studying community which offers every student equal opportunities to utilise its benefits.

Roope Paasonen

Chair for Tamko’s board in 2018




Tampere University of Applied Sciences

TAMK is one of the largest and most popular institutions of higher education in Finland.


TAMK in numbers

• ca 10 000 degree students

• ca 2 500 new students

• 8 fields of study

653 academic staff members and 283 other staff members

• 17 bachelor’s degrees

• 15 master’s degrees

• over 40 degree programmes

• almost 2 000 degrees awarded each year

RDI projects in progress 16,2 million euros

• annual budget of 64 million euros



TAMK is a multidisciplinary, international university of applied sciences which focuses on promoting health and wellbeing, business and technology together with learning and creativity.



Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd is a subsidiary of the Tampere University Foundation, which runs Tampere University.



Board members until 27 May 2018: Ulla Aatsinki, Jari Alanen, Linda Asikainen, Merve Caglayan, Lauri Hietalahti, Matti Höyssä (chair), Risto Ilomäki, Antti Lahti and Verna Rantala.

Board members from 28 May 2018: Jari Alanen, Lauri Hietalahti, Matti Höyssä, Marja Makarow, Roope Paasonen, Pekka Puustinen, Linda Soikkeli and Mari Walls (chair).





  • Tampere University Foundation 87 %
  • SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium 9 %
  • Town of Ikaalinen 1.5 %
  • Town of Ylöjärvi 1.5 %
  • Tampere Music College Foundation 0.5 %
  • Tampere School of Household Management Association 0.5 %

The managing director of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd is President Markku Lahtinen.



Executive Group


Markku Lahtinen,
President, CEO

Merja Jortikka,
HR Director

Päivi Karttunen,
Vice President, Development

Aura Loikkanen,
Director of Higher Education Services

Mikko Naukkarinen,
Vice President, Business

Marja Sutela,
Vice President, Education and RDI

Merja Saarinen,
Expert Member, Finance







The first technical college in Finland established in Tampere.


Rebuilding of infrastructure calls for more engineering skills. Several new colleges start all around Finland.


Test period for universities of applied sciences. Temporary licence for Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). Focus on social services and health, catering and tourism, business, music and media.


Permanent license for Tampere University of Applied Sciences, owned by the City of Tampere.


Temporary licence for Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences (PIRAMK). Focus on technology, forestry, business, art and media.


Permanent licence for Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences Ltd, main owner the City of Tampere.


TAMK and PIRAMK unite to become Tampere University of Applied Sciences.


Permanent licence for Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd. A prospect for merging the higher education institutions in Tampere is introduced.


The Ministry of Education sets working groups to advance the so-called Tampere3 process.


The majority of shares (87 %) of Tampere University of Applied Sciences is transferred to Tampere University Foundation.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences will form a new higher education community together with the new Tampere University. TAMK’s main owner is the Tampere University Foundation.