Internationally certified project competence – TAMK’s master’s degree students completed IPMA’s project competence certificate

TAMK made history as its master’s degree students of a project competence course had the possibility
to complete IPMA’s project management certificate. It was especially significant that students from nearly
ten different master’s degree programmes completed the certificate. A total of 34 students passed the certification.

– The certificate is a proof of project management capability. It is an internationally recognised and valued achievement which entitles the certified to use the title granted by IPMA, tells Senior Lecturer and Project Management Association Member Jussi Ylänen, who is in charge of IPMA certification matters at TAMK.

Certificates have been used in the ICT field for a long time. The certification tells the employer of the person’s competence for example in recruitment situations.

An extensive international network defines the project competence requirements for the different certification levels. The competence requirements are internationally uniform and thus organisations recruiting certified persons can rely on the competence described by the certificate.

Certificates play an important role in companies and organisations for example in connection with competitive biddings in which the customer often requires a certified project manager.

I hope that the trial will be continued and the cooperation between IPMA, the Project Management Association Finland, and TAMK will become an established part of the master’s degree education, Ylänen says.
IPMA certification

IPMA – International Project Management Association is one of the leading project management organisations in the world. IPMA operates in 66 countries and has more than 150,000 members. More than 23,000 IPMA certificates are granted annually and in total over 250,000 certificates have been granted worldwide. The Project Management Association Finland has the exclusive right for IPMA certification in Finland. The Project Management Association certifies individual persons and organisations or parts of organisations in accordance with IPMA’s internationally approved certification processes.

PMAF Foundation is for Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences which offer project management education for their students and want to use international certification in their teaching and offer students the possibility to complete the PMAF Foundation certificate in connection with their studies.

Further information: Jussi Ylänen, Senior Lecturer, Degree Programme in Business Information Systems, TAMK,, tel. 050 558 3285

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